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"I dare to believe!"

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Dandelion’s Dance

The Dandelion’s Dance

Have you ever noticed the dandelion? You know those little yellow flowers that grow in your yard and in the fields. It seems they are everywhere! When you were little perhaps you called them butter flowers, you would pick one and hold it under your chin and if your chin reflected the yellow color that meant you liked butter. Or perhaps you would wait and when the blossom grew older (in just a few days) you would wake up and that pretty bright yellow flower had turned into a fluffy little white “wish-nick”. At that point you would pick them, hold them up to your mouth and blow all the little fluffy flyers into the air as you made a wish on it.

However to someone who manicures their lawn on a regular basis sees these little gifts of nature a major pain in the rear end. They seem to invade all the sunny places popping up everywhere. You pull them up; you buy all sorts of pesticides to spread on your lawn doing you best to rid your lawn of these little troublesome plants. WHAT did I just call these WEEDS a plant??? Yes indeed I did. Did you know that dandelions have a purpose? You can actually eat every part of this plant. It is a good source of vitamins and nutrients and even has some medicinal purposes. (That however is a whole other story of its own).
But let’s take a look of the Dance of the Dandelion. Have you ever noticed that the dandelion will always face the sun? (As many plants and flowers do). As I was going on a morning walk recently, once again I heard God speaking to my heart. Look at those weeds, the ones that many feel are nothing but a nuisance. They have a lesson to teach. They always turn their face toward the sun. If you notice the ones that are still in the shade of a tree blocking the morning light, they are facing a bit to the west that is where they last saw their major source of life. However as the morning sun light in the east begin to peer through the branches they immediately begin to turn in that direction. 

We as children of God must always follow our source of life and strength. Turn our face (our thoughts, our heart, our whole being) toward the Son. As a dandelion will not grow in total shade neither can God’s children grow in darkness.

Where do we stand? Do we only want to follow the Son when it’s convenient for us? Are we embarrassed to take a stand and face in a different direction than the rest of the world? Are we willing to give up our own desires to follow Him in whatever direction He leads us in? Are we following the Son or are we dyeing in the darkness? Step out and Dance like the Dandelions.

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Alberta Lippmann


  1. you have such a gift for making every day things turn into wonderful devotionals.

  2. I just found your blog through Charon Benton's and was happy to see another grandmother blogging. I am still learning how to do a lot of things with blogging and don't write too often but am hoping to find more time during the colder months and long nights. I am also a born again believer and am encouraged to read so many other bloggers' Christian testimonies. You can follow my blog at Celebrate Imperfection. I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. A good one Bert, and great lesson for all of us....sorry I just now found it.

  4. There are no words. Simply breathtaking!

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