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Monday, September 13, 2010

Depression: "Nurture or Torture?"

Depression: "Nurture or Torture?"

Where do we find nurture? 
Our families should be on the forefront of this list, yes I said SHOULD be.  Unfortunately not everyone has a close knit family who is understanding and supportive of someone who suffers from depression. Sometimes even your spouse is of no support.  That alone can be devastating. If you have a spouse who suffers from depression and you are not supportive, I say YOU are the one with the bigger problem and shame, shame on you!!! (This disgusts me and that puts it mildly!!!)

A trusted friend can be vitally important during times of depression, someone who is willing just to be there to lend a shoulder or give a hug. They are not there to try and “fix” you, there are simply there to encourage you and lend an ear.

Your church should also be on the list of those who will nurture and support you.
Yes, I know… we have just discussed in an earlier blog about the so called “Christian” support or comments given.  I have “been there done that, got the T-shirt”.  HOWEVER, hopefully as a church family becomes educated on depression and truly seeks guidance from our Lord Jesus Christ, they can and will become a means of support and love for those who suffer from depression.
IF you are in a church that the people do not nurture, support or encourage (for any reason)… I personally would speak with the pastor privately… and IF for some strange reason the pastor is the same… I would say, “shake the dust from your shoes” and find a church that does.

See a counselor.  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with speaking to a counselor.  I would highly recommend a reputable Christian counselor. There are times when your family, spouse, friends and church have done what they can to the best of their ability, and it is best for your own sake for you to seek a counselor.  There are many advantages to speaking with a counselor.  They are unbiased, they are private, and you won’t hurt their feelings if you get angry and really “spill your guts”.  They are highly trained in dealing with issues of depression. 

Last and certainly not least… I recommend God… seek comfort in a relationship with God… I am speaking from my own experiences… if it were not for my faith in God, my trust in Him, His grace and for His care on my life, I would not be alive today to share these insight with you.

NOTE: please know, there are situations in life that go beyond what an individual(s) can handle. We are also not here to be taking advantage of. We are not here to be misused or abused, whether it is physically or emotionally. Do NOT allow anyone to misuse or abuse you, no matter how much you love them. Your own personal safety comes first. You are not doing them or yourself a favor. They need to seek professional help.

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