I'm a dreamer at heart and often I like to fly by the seat of my pants.

I suffer from depression and have for most of my life. I am no longer willing to stay silent about it. My hope is to share with others about this disease so they might understand it a bit better.

"I dare to believe!"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kristi, an Ever Present Miracle

Kristi an Ever Present Miracle “Nana”! My heart and soul melts at the word. Kristi, our little miracle baby just turned 13 years old on April 2, 2009. Kristi was a throw away baby, unwanted by her birth mother, but God had and continues to have a purpose for her life. Kristi is a miracle to be alive. Born three months premature at 2lbs, she stayed in the hospital for the first four months of her life. She was hooked up to machines to keep her struggling little body alive 24/7. The only loving touch she received was from her attending nurses and Jammie her mama. Jammie and Anthony were still in high school when Kristi came into this world prematurely and God put a love in their hearts for this little one, the love that parents have for their children. Every day after school, Jammie would go the Shands PICU to comfort, love and cuddle this tiny little one. Eventually Anthony & Jammie were able to legally adopt Kristi in the eyes of the law however in all of our hearts Kristi was already a part of our family. Due to the actions of her birth mother, Kristi suffers many learning disabilities and the loss of sight in her right eye. Today Kristi is all of about 63 lbs (give or take) and around 4 ½ feet tall and healthy. Kristi our little miracle baby, 13 years old! It’s so hard to believe. Our lives have been touch by her in many ways. A gift from God! A throw away baby, that God blessed our lives with beyond measure. We would not change anything for one moment. We celebrate her life, the blessing she has brought into all of our lives and we thank God for the privilege of being trusted with her care. Happy Birthday my Kristi Bear! I love you!